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Changing Lives in Our Community

About Eugene Clark

"A person can't change what has already happened any more than a person can change how it happened. But the right passage into adulthood is not a matter of changing the whats and the hows of life. This is a change of the who in life, and that who is YOU!"

- Director Eugene Clark

About Eugene Clark

Our organization's director, Eugene Clark, raised his children in Las Vegas. He turned to the streets for attention instead. Because he didn't want his three kids growing up the same way, Eugene made an effort to do things differently as a father. Every day he tells them he loves them and wishes them to the best. He also encourages them to do good things. Eugene even taught them how to play chess at an early age because he feels it teaches you to think differently and how to think ahead - which helps you excel and in school and life.

Eugene believes "If you stand for nothing, you'll fall for anything..." and that if you control how you feel, you'll control how you react. By changing your thoughts, you can change our actions. He set up the Clark Foundation and A new concept of thinking LIVING FREE, Inc. to help parents and youth break away from the cycle of repeating the negative thought patterns that their parents taught them. He hopes every life his organization touches will be transformed for the better.