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Programs That Turn Negative Thoughts Into Positive Ones

Improving Lives Through Life Skills Coach Program in Dallas-Forth Worth

A brand-new way of thinking Through the power of positive thinking, LIVING FREE, Inc. is attempting to better our communities by uplifting the lives of one individual at a time through anger management training and life skills coach in Dallas-Forth Worth. By providing alternative outlets for their thoughts and behaviors, our foundation hopes to improve the way parents communicate with their children and how youngsters think. This will be accomplished through life counseling, life skills training, and the use of sports and other activities to channel their rage. Contact us in Fort Worth, Texas, today to learn more about how you can assist us in achieving our goals.

Beneficial Programs for Anyone

We will be offering a range of programs for youth and adults. They will include:

  • Sports
  • Recreational Activities
  • Life Skill Coach
  • Anger Management
  • Volunteer Programs
  • Living Free Mentoring
  • Tutoring Services
  • Troubled Youth Programs
  • Relationship Building
  • Programs for Disabled Veterans

How We Help

Our programs will teach young people and their parents how to think differently – turning negative thoughts into positive ones, making situations a "win-win" for everybody. Parents will also be encouraged to assist with, and join in, their children's classes.

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